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Board of Directors

Kenneth Remick, President

Ralph C. Longsworth, Vice President

David Sherwin, Treasurer

The Rev. Nathaniel H. Jenkins, Secretary

The Rev. Richard Baumann

John V. Cooney

David Dunbar

Holly Edinger

Aaron Fullilove

The Rev. John Gibbons

John M. Hayes

Paulette Hunter

The Rev. John E. Lamb

Atty. Stephen A. Lanshe

Kenneth D. Magee

Robert H. Wittman Jr.


David W. Evans, Executive Director

Lauren Giguere, Resource Development and YouthBuild Director

Maria V. Rodriguez, Housing Counselor and Bookkeeper

Rosa D. Parades, Assistant Bookkeeper

Milagros Canales, Rental Manager

Sal Ortega, Director of Construction

Craig Taylor, YouthBuild Instructor

HADC is an officially registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit housing developer dedicated to the revitalization of the residential neighborhoods of Allentown’s central core. All contributions to HADC are tax deductible. Official registration and financial information about HADC may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling 1-800-732-0999. HADC is an Equal Housing Opportunity Provider.